Weird and Strange Woman’s Pet Snake Gets Lodged in Her Earlobe

Woman’s Pet Snake Gets Lodged in Her Earlobe


Woman's Pet Snake Gets Lodged in Her EarlobeWeird things really show up on social media, thanks to internet.

A woman shared a photo of her pet snake which got lodged in her earlobe.

The snake, an army green reptile, is seen dangling from her earlobe which has a massive pierced hole.

  1. Fashion is really turnin people into jackass, and terrific, there is nothing girls will not do just because of clothings.

  2. when i saw this story in the morning elsewhere, i thought it was fabricated until it start making waves. Why should someone keep snake as pet.

  3. That is good for her. How on earth could she get anything that resemble snake or a toy one as pet. Even bible knws that human and snakes are great enemy.

  4. Wait, Wat??? Snake on earlobe? This is really stupid of her… What is the world turning to? Well, it hasn’t bitten her since it’s her pet snake…

  5. Snake, i hate d animal with passion…And people will purchase the snake and call it delicious meat…the same snake that brought us to where we are now…no other meat to buy but snake meat…na wa..the devil is really the ruler of this world…

  6. i wonder why people will never learn,this are wild animals and they are meant to stay in the wilds,why not leave them alone to enjoy their habitat,well,its her pet,i bet she can deal wiith it

  7. The madness way some people dey display now don tell say this year go be one crazy year. Receive sense in the mighty name of jesus..

  8. Which kind nonsense be this one na? When oyinbo wan get sense na? Mmmh. Na wa o. Imagine how big the stuff is, sticking in her ear #eeeewww

  9. This is harmful, no matter how close or used u re to the snake it may turn around one day who knws

  10. snake and women sha…..right 4rm d begining of the world they’ve been like siblings… nt suprised..

  11. Fashion or madness….very soon my Nigerian ladies will start it with d language “dats wot is on vogue

  12. Infact am vexing for the snake,e for don enter all d whole dey her body nd chop,lik nd such all essential tins 4 her body.ow cud dat dangerous animal b a pet

  13. Isn’t it obvious to you guys? The woman is a snake itself. So am not surprise at this post

  14. wonderful she luk lyk de snake self,, madness don start oooh, diz year go hot die no be small

  15. Wonder shall never end in dis world . Na another one b dis ooo dis world is very interesting