Art & Humour Photo Of The Day Woman asks for spider man cake, see what she got

Woman asks for spider man cake, see what she got


Some bakers can be very annoying…

A woman requested for Spiderman design cake to be made for her.

See the prototype and see what was delivered.

  1. Its a reason best known to her. The caterer really try…. The cake looks like Hausa tribal marks

  2. I love this.. How on earth will u request for a spider man cake. The caterer for kuku use real spider web to design am..

  3. But what on earth does she needs spider cake for.,???? Ndi mmadu sef Copy copy has caused disappointment to her Lmao

  4. That’s spider man cake na, was she expecting it to be the same thing? Is it a photocopy machine?

  5. if to say na me design the cake i would get a real spider and put it on top to garnish the cake

  6. Hahaha, what’s the difference? Human and taste. Making of cake has turn into something else.

  7. She wants a good cake at an awoof price… cheap article! Better soup na money kill am!

  8. If you dont knw how to do spider man cake just admit instead of molding an indescribable tent of iceing sugar