Art & Humour What’s happening in this photo?

What’s happening in this photo?


The ladies were spotted yesterday at Coho Resort-Rv Park & Marina in Calabar, Cross River state -engaging in what looks like car wash services.

Well, can you figure it out?

  1. What is happening is what we are all seeing…Laps parade and Bum show!!..*Abi what is happening that I cannot see!.Tell me

  2. Lolzz, they are car washers. what a man can do, a woman can do even better. May God bless your hustle

  3. Lol… It’s part of style… Anything that a man can do, they must try their very best to do theirs?.That’s life

  4. After dem wash the motor finish ,there go come put deir winch for the motor, small time engine go knock for express E nor concern me shaaa

  5. Can’t African women make Money without displaying their bodies? What it means is that they are nothing if not for their bodies.