Art & Humour Video of Abuja big man romancing & making out with his Lover...

Video of Abuja big man romancing & making out with his Lover in the office surface online



The details concerning this video have remained fuzzy but popular rumours have it that the man in the video is a company executive based in the capital of Nigeria, Abuja who out of ecstasy and hysteria filmed himself romancing a younger lover in the comfort of his office.

In the short video clip, the elderly man could be seen locking his lips tightly with the younger lady in a ‘french-kiss’ fashion.

Both parties who were obviously aroused in the racy scene caressed each other lightly and muttered romantic words to each other.




As the video played towards the end, the man on glasses and a native dressed fondled the woman’s boobs as she appeared ready for the ‘other room’

The rational behind the video and its emergence on social media is currently unknown. Social media users have heaped criticisms on the man as they find the act unbecoming of an adult and a supposed father of grown ups.

Watch the video below:

  1. I can’t believe that in this Buhari regime a man can b so happy to kiss publicly like this. It shows u are exempted from d recession bcoz of d money u people hv embezzled. U wl soon b caught by EFCC.