News For The Umpteenth Time, Woman Allegedly Kills Her Child Shortly After Delivery...

For The Umpteenth Time, Woman Allegedly Kills Her Child Shortly After Delivery In Ogun State…


According to a lady on Facebook, a woman was allegedly caught after killing her child minutes after giving birth to the child.

No reason was stated for the act. But, It was stated that this is not the first time the lady is doing this.

Life is hard… But to kill your own child multiple times?

  1. Why are some mothers so heartless and wicked like this, why keep what you are not so willin to keep? In the first place thats bad, she has to be prosecuted and punished.

  2. I can believe it, if it was an animal I don’t think the animal would have done such sinful act except the animal is crazy this woman is not to ready to be a mother ever again .

  3. Life is hard my foot…… If she realized that life is hard,why then get pregnant in the first place… Ignorance should also be blamed here,coz even if she wants to enjoy sex without having baby she knows what to do…. Sheer wickedness,i wish this pregnancy was directed to my Uncle’s wife who has been barren for the past 10 years God have mercy on you murderer

  4. I can’t believe it, after all the pain and struggle of child labour, you have the conscious to kill or hurt the child that comes out from you, these woman may be a witch, God have mercy

  5. Is she really married? If not, that’s why…. Many unborn children are not safe, not knowing what will happen to them when they are born or when their mothers are pregnant with them out of wedlock… This human is so heartless and she calls herself a mother or woman. If you dont want the baby, why not give him or her out to the orphanage homes. Who knows what great person or destiny she has destroyed…. If that Steve Jobs’ biological mother killed steve jobs whether when he began to grow in her womb or when she has delivered him, will we be hearing of steve jobs or Apple computers? This woman must be possessed…

  6. That was how my neighbor got her girlfriend pregnant and suggest an abortion.. Then d Doctor told them it will cost 150k my guy shouted. Chisos 150k to kill a baby..? Don’t worry Ngozi, u will born dat baby I will kill her myself.. Ladies abortion doesn’t mean u were not pregnant but the mother of a dead baby

  7. OMG! This happened in Ogun state, Nigeria! Normally, news like this mostly comes from abroad. Anyways, the woman is wicked for doing that to her child and since this is not her first time, who knows if someone did juju on her or she is sacrificing her children to one god or the other in order to get something in return. May God help us

  8. Is she crazy, even mad women protect their child when they want to be taken from them. Maybe she is possessed

  9. Y wen people are crying to God everyday for such gift sometimes eeh I wan vex for God but dey no dey vex 4 him y in go give person wey no want am wen people plenty we dey find am

  10. This woman is not mentally stable and please where are the men who impregnated her??? We have some of them here who are very unwell and unable to understand what they are doing. Only if our government are responsible this woman should be in a psychiatric hospital and seriously evaluated. God please have mercy on us!!!!!

  11. Where’s the man involved, oh yeah, lets not question the men that keep impregnating a mentally ill woman.

  12. does it mean d innocent cry of this baby could not melt the wicked heart of this woman, hmmmm, the heart of man is desperately wicked and evil, RIP little baby

  13. Very sad news, im not sure the woman knew what she was doing. She could have been mentally unstable due to post natal depression. Sometimes we just take it for granted that life return to normal and there will be love between mother and child after delivery, it is not always the case. Yorubas call such a situation “abi siwin” in which the mum become mentally unstable after birth. God help us…