Editorials Top 5's Top 10 lies Nigerian parents tell their children!

Top 10 lies Nigerian parents tell their children!


Being a parent is not a very easy job, it comes with a lot of responsibilities. Although parents teach their children not to tell lies, they can be the ‘masters’ of lies themselves.

All parents are guilty at some time or the other of telling some ‘harmless white lies’ to their children to get them to do something.

How do you get your children to eat beans? How do you get your kids to behave? When you’ve tried everything possible and it’s not working, necessity provides a solution: lies.

Children can be very inquisitive and sometimes parents stretch the truth to get a bit of a break from the constant barrage of questions.

They say honesty is the best policy, but sometimes it’s easier to just tell a ‘white lie’ for the good of all involved.

All over the world, parents lie to their children but some lies seem to be specific to Nigerian parents

Here are some of the common lies peculiar to Nigerian parents.

10. If you play with boys you will get pregnant:

Some parents have no idea how to talk to their girls about the opposite sex and pregnancy, so this is the best line they could come up with.

9. Tell the person at the door I am not at home or I’m sleeping:

When your parents don’t want to receive visitors and they make you lie.