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Boy Commits Suicide After Failing Jamb Result

This young man committed suicide because of exam failureA young student has decided to end his life after he failed the recently conducted UTME...

WEIRD!!! Blue-eyed Chinese Boy Can Read And See In The Dark

Nicknamed “Cat-Boy,” doctors in Dahua, southern China recently learned that this boy has the ability to see at night and can read in complete...

WOW!!! A girl that cries Blood

Yaritza Oliva developed the condition earlier this month, and now bleeds from her eyes several times a day. Miss Oliva, who lives in Purranque, Chile,...

(PHOTOS) Meet the 4-Year-Old Boy With 13 Fingers And 12 Toes!

The four-year-old boy with 25 fingers and toes including double thumbs - but his parents don't want him to have surgery Arpan has 13 fingers...

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