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I Sold My Gold Jewelleries at Yaba Just To Pay My Daughter’s School Fees- Actress Mercy Aigbe Reveals


I Sold My Gold Jewelleries at Yaba Just To Pay My Daughter's School Fees- Actress Mercy Aigbe Reveals

Nollywood actress, Mercy Aigbe took to Instagram to thank people who showed love to her daughter, Michelle on her birthday.

Mercy who’s proud to be a mum also revealed how she managed to take care of her daughter when things were hard for her and her family.

She wrote,

“Big thank u to everyone for the likes, birthday wishes, prayers, beautiful comments etc…Y’all made @michelleio__ feel really loved….Special shout to aunty @knightngale79 for the beautiful cake , aunty @mutiatalli for being the MC at the party, aunty @realchidimmaaneke and aunty @aimakhutoyin for calling 12am on the dot to wish @michelleio__ HBD.May God bless each and everyone of u IJN.

Special shout out to all the single moms….I can relate, hmmmmm I remember when I had to go sell my gold jewelleries at Yaba just to pay @michelleio__ ‘s school fees and for us your feed!…..I went tru

‘HELL’……………Pls stay focused, be determined, be hardworking and prayerful, put all ur trust in the Lord cos “we are more than conquerors tru christ Jesus” and trust me you will rise above those challenges!

To all mothers, mothers to be , may the Lord continue to strengthen us and may we “eat the fruit of our labour” IJN.

Responsible Daddies u ain’t left out Thank y’all once again!”

  1. Na my own you go sell before,all mothers pay great price but God will always help us to reap the fruit of our labour.

  2. That is no news… Every mother have sacrificed so much and more for their children. God bless all our kids for us, and that we live to see, experience and enjoy their success.

    • Ha Bunmi, it is no news to u but it is a breaking news to somebody like me. My own mother never bought anything for me in my own time. She never bought me pad for my menstrual period, not even handkerchief talkless of okrika. I was always on d street begging. I am not washing my dirty linen outside but I am telling u dat some mothers are never just there. God bless u Mercy. That is why Gentry came around to compensate you. I really appreciate u.

    • Don’t worry Osineye Olorunfunmi, you will understand why I said its no news because very soon when God bless you with your own kids, then you will wonder what ds lady or every actor or actress who publicises their normal mother duty or instincts are talking about, and for your mother she is 1in a Million for not mothering you as she should something must be wrong somewhere.. and I believe it won’t stop you from being a good person, wife or mother to your own family. Wishing you well.

    • Thank u Bunmi. She is really one in a million. It was wen I grew up dat i see dat some mothers can actually die for their children. Hun! I don’t know why she was like dat. I think laziness also contributed to make her worse. But wat can i do, she is still my mother n I am taking care of her now in my own little way but it is just dat d real natural bonding is not there bcos i didn’t feel her at all. Moreover i can’t still take care of any other woman more than her bcos blood they say is thicker than water. I will just implore every mother out there to do everything possible for their children to feel their impact bcos It is a great feeling. If one experie nces it, one will feel it but if otherwise, one may never know how it feels forever. It always sounds very very strange to Mr wen people talk abt loving mothers. Apart from d feeling it can also expose children to lots of danger. God just decided to keep my life. It could also make some children to become saddist. I wish all d good motgers out there a wonderful day.

  3. Who ask you…. Or are you d first person to do that… Hmmmmm story dey alwas plenty for una mouth…. Nw who you epp

  4. And so where u see money buy gold when u never pay ur pikin school fee.nah u mis calculate sis

  5. so what about that? or are you expecting me to sold my and pay your daughter school fees? unless update from you. use your brain for just once

  6. Is it just to pay your daughter’s school fees. Its more important than the so called gold.

  7. You are not the first my sister, it is a thing of joy when you sacrifice for your children either as a single mother or vice versa. Thank God you have sth to sell. Some hawk pure water just for their kids, Nigeria celebrity are annoying sometimes. This is not news biko

  8. Good will reward you…. Other mothers including fathers should take example. Let your children be greater than you!

  9. Awww, what a pity. Say something new cos every mother out there can do that or even more than what u did.

  10. The way pple comment on fb is so funny. if she said she sold her gold,was she talking to you? Cant you guyz keep ur negative sarcastic comments to yourselves? She wrote it on her instagram page that she remembers when she sold her gold to pay her school fees n now shes all grown,she was jst thanking God,comparing then to nau. its wa for una ooo.

  11. I don’t want to believe your story.u sold your jewellerys and yet you change your wardrobe every now and then.