General Six Most Famous & Biggest Families in Nollywood

Six Most Famous & Biggest Families in Nollywood


Obviously blood is thicker than water and some traits just refuse to leave a family. When it comes to celebrity families, that blood runs green.

Sure, it might be easy to get famous when one, if not both of your parents are already famous, but oftentimes, celebrities’ kids only make headlines and not paychecks. The following Nollywood families are exceptions to this rule, with two or more members boasting of good pay check and a list of accomplishments to back them up as a true thespian and not a flash in the pan.


Possibly one of if not the only quintessential celebrity family with each member having distinctively unique famous attributes that sets them apart individually and puts the family at the top of history. With a combined net worth of success in film production, acting and directing, the Amata family’s success spreads across various areas of the entertainment industry, including film, television. The eldest of the Amatas, Zack took a bit of a break in the early 2000s after enjoying a brilliant career from the 80s through the 90s with his brother, Fred and took a back seat in the 2000s when his son, Jeta Amata came of age to shine. Ruke Amata was another member of the family that found his space despite his brothers’ fame and fit into the production part enjoying behind the scenes fame. If the success of the senior Amata had been viewed great, the injection of Mbong Amata, who was married to Jeta and got divorced years after, was another interesting part to this family in Nollywood. Jeta redefined the clan’s film making abilities and successes taking it more to the international world with stories inherent in the African culture, where he breathes from.