Entertainment News Singer, Yemi Alade Survives Fire Accident In London!

Singer, Yemi Alade Survives Fire Accident In London!


Yemi Alade is reported to have escaped death in London on
Friday, August 28.

She suffered the Fire scare at her London Hotel in the early hours of this morning as the Screeching and Piercing sound from the Fire alarm woke the Hotel up.

The Singer who is billed for to perform at the Dance Afrique Concert later today, had to rush out of her hotel room still in her Night gown, leaving almost all her Personal Effects behind.

The ‘Johnny’ singer recorded a video clip of a fire truck outside the hotel.

Her words:

“# 3 things I grabbed when the fire alarmwentOff.

I thought it was a prank but I was frigging scared!!I knew better than to start parking up my clothes!

I thought I wS dreaming!!!!but I knew I had to leave immediately. .

I def picked up my Phone,my bible and my iconic invanity performance outfit!!!! Thinking about it nw…..I picked the things I loved. .. 1.phone:to sha call if I needed to
2.my bible:cos I was so scared
3.my iconicinvanity bcos I wasn’t goin to loose THE MOST ARTISTIC AND EXPENSIVE PICECES I HV EVER ACQUIRED
Or perform at WEMBLEY tonight in anything less luxurious. We are fine now sha!!!!!!”,
 She Wrote.

See the Video below.

  1. wow d lord dat save u 4rm dis accident shall continue to save u, save i, and every1 in jesus name