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See The Number of POS Machines Used to Collect Offering at a Church


A user shared the above photo on Twitter. According to the person, a church in Nigeria is using POS to accept offerings from Church Members.

What do you think?

  1. Nothing is wrong oh. We’re in a technological age & we should follow the trends. A lot of people don’t like moving with cash except MasterCard so you can see where the need arises.

  2. Nawa oh… See modern way of collecting offerings in church. Nowadays, churches have start using the online platform for people just to give offerings….

  3. “People pay their tithe and offering through the swiping machine since its hard these days to get money from the banks and it goes straight into the church account.”

  4. You know sometimes people don’t have cash with them n they want to pay offering having pos it’s very easy to pay tight because some people don’t like to move around with cash… I see nothing wrong there we are in technology world now

  5. Leave Christians and Churches alone ooo.Abi,what’s your business with that? Is it a crime? What’s news in this? Tell the world about evil involved in other religion and stop pucknosing into Christians/churches affairs.

  6. So women name don change to POS machine now?I think say na ATM den dey call them b4……cos I see no POS in the pic in the link…or am I high?

  7. That’s not good.. That means no one will give less than a thousand naira for offering…. For God’s sake it’s called offering! Not collection or levy…. Hmmm God help us…

    • Isn’t a must to use the POS machine I guess. I think they are provision for those that wants to pay with cash. The POS machine is to ease the dangers of carrying cash around and to enhance the cashless policy

  8. hw on earth that this concerns you people. u people gv more than that to satan through witch doctors etc. Is a privileges to give to foolishness to the ignorant.most of us gave indisquised. it takes the love for God to give. given to him is appreciation for his goodness.

  9. Muhammad Yabawa Abdullah,May God himself bless u, frm Ur name, am believing Ur a Muslim bt ur comment is nt jst touching bt of wisdom, power,…. My fellow Christians, his comment is supposed to make u hide Ur faces in shame,all yẹa judges of men of God, self righteous N without sìn angels,weldone ooh. We Christians r always sooo quick to tear our own(fellow Christians /pastors) apart. If u feel wat d r doing is wrong, let God judge, look d oda way less we bring d wrath of God upon u OUR selfs,#justpassing#agirlsavedbygrace#

  10. They will abuse u if u try tell them the harm all this pastors are causing them…….anyway a church has even come with an app which enables pay from ur various houses coming to church doesn’t mean anything just make sure the pastor receives an alert…….no check and balance