Art & Humour See What was Done to a Man Caught Stealing Condoms

See What was Done to a Man Caught Stealing Condoms



A social media user has shared photos of a petty robber being administered the sour taste of jungle justice after being caught breaking into the home of a victim.

According to reports, he was trying to steal a packet of condoms, foodstuffs, a sum of N52,000 and a Dell Inspiron laptop before he ran out of luck.

A shocking twist to the crime story is that the culprit had progressed with his illicit operation but the packet of condom under the victim’s bed which he attempted to steal gave him away as the owner of the house was fast asleep.


“He tried to collect a packet of condom that was under the bed of his victim. The victim realized something was moving on his body and grabbed him by his hand” an eye witness said.

“The victim even said the robber tried to unzip his trouser and suck his manhood which I don’t believe” the source alleged.

The burglar was heavily beaten in an unforgettable way before being handed over to the police for prosecution.