News Sad news… Beautiful lady dies hours after childbirth barely 3 weeks after...

Sad news… Beautiful lady dies hours after childbirth barely 3 weeks after her wedding


The lady pictured with her husband died on the 11th of January ,barely three weeks after her traditional wedding.

She died after  giving birth to her first child and has since ben buried..

So sad..

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  1. So sad If after three weeks that means she was heavily pregnant before her wedding….oh God….may her soul rest in peace

    • What’s ur business if she was heavily pregnant b4 her wedding? U do not have to spell it out oooo.

  2. So sad, she wont be able to train her child nd see how he/she grows, but thats how God wanted it RIP to her nd long life to the baby

  3. So touching, i wish she survived so she cold train her child bcos no one is better than ur mother nd no lesson is taught better than ur mum

    • It’s sad but God will always make a way out. He will send a good mother soon. May her soul rest in d bossom of d lord. I feel for d baby and d dad.

  4. So sad…. So all dis beautiful asset of hers ll be buried underground, well don’t lemme think she’s beautiful under make up… Joking… RIP. May God console her husband n families heart to bear d loss.

  5. i feel not getting married but because someone can get scared for someone you love so much with a child left behind R.I.P to her

    • Why can’t priest officiate,those that have aborted (killed) and priest officiated nko.I don’t sleep arrd neither do I have a child but if it happens that I want to get married and baby come Bf marriage and a priest said he can’t join us I will go to registry

    • yes was almost due before her marriage, she wedded almost @ her ninth month.

    • John Afolabi Gbemi that your opinion tho. But been heavly pregnant and almost due and getting married na waoo

  6. Na three weeks be the new pregnancy due date now? Omoo, e good oh! I dey go get belle na na, wey dat Johnbull sef… Epele oh bros, #bearAm.

  7. What a painfu story no body can question GOD may her soul RIP i pray dat God will send a good help to luv nd care 4 her child

  8. Enyaaaa,,,it to hear dis kind of news ,after all she pass 2ru during pregnancy period ,God may soul rest in peace

  9. So sad…. In my place u don’t get married on pregnancy cos its has negative consequences…. Rest on dear

  10. I saw this somewhere else before seeing it on GistReel.Com and I was almost shedding tears. Such beautiful lady. Gone just like that

  11. Don’t be joke over this kind of thing, if a good thing for anybody to lose their love ones ….. What a pity May ur soul rest in peace

  12. May her soul rest in peace and I pray God gives her family especially the hubby the strength to go thru it

  13. This is heart-breaking news! May the good Lord keep your newly born baby and the father. AMEN!

  14. Jesus giveth Jesus taketh Painful to the core May.her soul rest in the bossing of the Lord

  15. So so, may d almighty God gives d family d fortitude to bear dis great loss nd God watches ova d little angel.

  16. Barely few weeks after marriage? Since when did they start getting married with pregnancy in this country? Only asking ooo…. May her she rest in peace.

  17. Looking at ds lady’s traditional marriage pictures hmmmm she’s not pregnant oh, abi heavy pregnant like they said. May God guild us all.