Entertainment News Round 3: Meek Mill Also Drops New Diss Track ‘Wanna Know’ ...

Round 3: Meek Mill Also Drops New Diss Track ‘Wanna Know’ Aimed at Drake!


It has been a week since Meek Mill nearly broke the Internet with his Twitter rant which included claims Drake did not write the verse on “R.I.C.O.” It has been 5 days since Drake first fired back at Meek with the track “Charged Up.” After Drizzy hit him again with “Back To Back,” the MMG rapper has finally released his own song in the heated rivalry.

Meek Mill fires back at Drake with a 4-minute lyrical onslaught.

With his high energy intact, Meek goes at Drake hard for biting other artist’s flows, paying people off, and the obvious ghostwriting scandal with Quentin Miller, where he even uses Q’s reference track as an interlude. “If you ain’t write that runnin’ through the 6 shit/ Tell us who the fuck was Quentin runnin’ through the 6 with?”

Quotable Lyrics:

Now when that shit went down with Chris you wrote a check In New Orleans with my chain they give respect
So what that tell me, you a pussy and a fan
Sat around, you know the shooters at your neck
I just wanna know