Weird and Strange Police Arrest Pastor Who Turned Female Convert into Prostitution

Police Arrest Pastor Who Turned Female Convert into Prostitution

Police Arrest Pastor Who Turned Female Convert into ProstitutionA ‘man of God’ was arrested for turning a lady into prostitution all in the name of work of God.
Aba police have arrested one Enyeribe Nkwocha for allegedly abducting one Rose (not real name) and turning her into a commercial sex worker.
According to the victim:

“He told me that God said he should use me for missionary work and that he will be saving any money I will make from preaching in his friend’s account and he will use it to build a church for me because he saw that I have the gift of prophecy.

“He said God told him I should not marry and have children; whenever a man wants to marry me, he will ask me to forget about him. He has been taking me from one hotel to the other and using me to make money.
“He made me to forget about my family since then. I believe he used charm on me because he forced me to swear to an oath with him right inside the taxi when he kidnapped me. So I stopped communicating with my parents.”

In continuation of her tragic story, she said,

“But last Christmas, he collected N20,000 from me, making it about N100,000 I have given him. After some days, I started realising myself and asked him if the money I had been giving him was not enough to build the church he promised to build for me.

“He then told to go back to my family. But he warned me not to tell them about the gift of prophecy he told me about and that if I did, they would poison me. That was how I started thinking about how my family members would poison me and then I regained my consciousness.

Punch stated that the suspect denied turning his victim into a prostitute, saying,

“She is my girlfriend that I met in Bayelsa State. At a time, I wanted to get married to her but she refused to marry me. So, I married another woman and I didn’t tell her that I got married.

“When she found out that I was married, she got offended; that was what caused the problem we are having now. ”

The commissioner of Police in the state, Mr. Adeleye Oyebade, confirmed the arrest of the suspect.

  1. Nigerian is becoming so annoying country with full of corruption people including christians, how can a person called himself pastor doing this? May God have mercy because me self i dae shamed of them called pastor that does nothing but spoil christianity

  2. Mtcheeww…. Not surprised… Aba for that matter. Not everyone called pastors are God sent. Stupid pastor. They should sentence him to 20 years or life in prison… The lady sef is a fool. Why will see accept to be a prostitute bcos she was instructed by a so-called pastor? Cant she make her own decisions herself?

  3. Pastor Ko, Pastor Ni.. Mtcheew… He is a pastor in people’s mouths but a devil inside. How will a person called a pastor do such wickedness to someone… I just dont know people who call themselves pastors are turning into nowadays oh

  4. That u see them in d church doesn’t mean they are d choosing one.. Devil too dey go church

  5. I always tell people who care to listen that these men are human beings first and foremost before becoming pastors.And as long as they are humans,they are likely to err because to err is human,to forgive divine.God is the ultimate judge who will judge those called by His name specially…..

  6. Some pastors are cultist and devils in form of a man, if they are caught they some sentenced life imprisonment