Trending News Photo of the day :- Could this be love???

Photo of the day :- Could this be love???


This photo of an African lady and her older white husband will make you ponder on love.

Is this really love? Or a ‘Green Card Affair”?

Well, it won’t be a first. The trend has been on for a very long while to get married to a white in other to flee the country.

  1. Hmm… Nowadays, people have different definition for one word-LOVE. So, r u trying to tell me that this one is love. Well, I wont say anything oh… Let me just pass by… She has her reason for marrying him

  2. What Green Card abi Citizenship card…has put together who am I to put asunder… Passing with speed..

  3. i guess she is a Yoruba lady, she dont want marriage is d man’s property she is after hahaha one room is ok for her

  4. Abeg, which kind play the man wan follow the lady play again abi na kiss,the lady is after the man property or needs a green card..that’s not love abeg And those low mentality people calling YORUBA in this should becareful…..

  5. Comment:She has a target,there is no love in this case,she just need the green card to meetup with her plan,becus she knows that,that man have few yrs to go,she need confortable place to achive her plan.

  6. Without seeing the picture, a blind man will tell the answer. This isn’t LOVE! Two things is involved there. (1) she married him for money. (2) just to become famous. Shekina

  7. Dat is wat happens when you have visited heavens of fire ministries and your prayer point was always “Oh Lord my friends are busy marrying white men Jeeeesu!Wherever my own white man is use fire to send him to me”.Sorry oh just passing by….

  8. If this man has children and grandchildren and they allow you to come and kill this man,God will not forgive them because na obituary I dey see for this man face soon.

  9. Grandpa albino abeg i sure sey you don beg baba god sey you die buh him no gree switch you off dt is you go marry d babe wey go make am easy for you to die by rush cuz by the tyme she fuck ya son on ya bed wey she tell you sey make you hold fan you go die kiakia

  10. Zero registration fee, online jobs for full-time house wife’s, works like magic, am earning already

  11. This is not love she did it because money and travelling opportunities so the old man she can gain all is wealth access as well

  12. Woman nih,,,, there is God oooo. Well @ least u go buy am casket. And am sure he can still kiss! But careful make his teeth no go comot for ur mouth oooo,cux if u swallow am. ( you don be witch be that)

  13. Only mumu wil call dz 1love!! D say lov z blind ko?.. So y didn’t u pick a black man yl ur eyes cud see nafin buh darkness

  14. There is no way dis could be love abeg, wat kind of love is dat? This marriage is simply bases on money. Make I hear say Na love