Entertainment News Peter Okoye Urges Fans to Stop Watching Sound City!

Peter Okoye Urges Fans to Stop Watching Sound City!


Peter Okoye of Psquare has urged fans not to watch urban music channel Soundcity TV because the channel has refused to air their music videos.

He revealed that there is a beef going on between the dynamic duo and music channel, Sound City.

Although, Peter did not disclose the cause of this beef, he took to twitter to respond to the complaints made by their fans regarding sound city not playing their songs.

He further adviced people to stop watching the channel and added that they should watch other channels like Trace TV and MTV base.

Read the tweets below…

  1. If sound city chooses not to play, it’s their right because it’s their station. Telling people not to watch sound city is wrong and you could easily get sued Psquared. Not everyone is a fan. I’m not, but it’s not right to malign a station simply because they didn’t dance to your tune.

  2. just because they have fallout? Craze dey him head. He should come and pay my dSTV subscription before saying that

  3. pls advice these brodas,they ar just 1gold coin on a table @SOUNDCITYtv is in2 entertainment journalism dey will wreck ur ship