Art & Humour Photo Of The Day Patience Ozokwor And Olu Jacobs Back To School

Patience Ozokwor And Olu Jacobs Back To School


Patience Ozokwor And Olu Jacobs Back To SchoolNollywood stars, Patience Ozokwor and Olu Jacobs goes back to school in new movie.

The above picture is from a movie they are working on. The movie director, Tchidi Chikere shared the photo and wrote “School Age. Movie Set”.

What do you think?

  1. Can’t wait to watch it.any movie directed by Tchidi chikere are always very interesting. Thumps up bro

  2. Nollywood pls leave the student ply’for teenagers”abi una no d watch hollywood film:”nollywood no wan upgrade o

  3. I luv shows that u can go 2 school even @ old age. Aloud us 2 watch our own.when did Nollywood start acting that u are placing them with Hollywood?

  4. I guess because of your comments Songo Esther George & Duchess Efe Okarevu-Uwah and the likes it got, I’m gonna look for this movie and watch it Tadaaa!

  5. Hahahah! I no fit nd laugh abeg. See mmeri amaka hair style…Patience, nd baggy nicka…Olu. I lik dat.

  6. Hahahahahaahah, like seriously dey acted dis wow dey will never cease to amaze me….lolz

  7. Dont insult dem, u shud b proud. Acting means,being what you are not. So sum of u shud stop insultin dem.if u were in deir shoes, u wld do d xame.

  8. Big daddy and mummy there are some roles you should not even play again.leave it for the your upcoming children in acting.

  9. These movies are sure to reduce IQ. And make retards out of nigerians. Sheesh! Americans are making masterpieces like Divergent e.t.c, Nigerians be making “Igwe and Lolo goes to school” :poop:

  10. Na wa oo…. I cnt fit laff enuf ooo…. Wen Mr. Jacobs and Mrs Patience stars in a movie like this, Know that patience must be a trouble maker and Olu a prince! Maybe d King na Aki or paw_paw.. Lolz.

  11. i hate nollyhood with passion we need rapid upliftment all this king, princess, prince, movie should be ban mercy johnson, addy,tonto, should stop killing nigerian teenegers vision with thier low brain watch movies look at this old people fooling their self nollywood should stand and learn from philipiness and USA nollywood should bring something new and nice and give way to cute educated teenagers and youths to finish the work