Entertainment News Celebrity Gist Obama’s Daughter-Sasha Obama is Working At A Restaurant This Summer—Guarded By 6...

Obama’s Daughter-Sasha Obama is Working At A Restaurant This Summer—Guarded By 6 Secret Service Agents While At Work



President Obama’s second daughter Sasha Obama, 15, is busting her butt this summer—working at restaurant on Martha’s Vineyard.

She is doing what a normal girl her age would normally do for a summer job: “checking out customers at the register and bussing tables at Nancy’s … a seafood restaurant,” TMZ reports.

As a member of the first family of America, she comes to work with her special entourage of 6 Secret Agents—well placed around for her safety as she does her 4 hours a day shift.

TMZ adds that: ” This won’t be a long-term gig. She’s just working this week until the rest of the Obamas arrive for a 2 week vacation. The pay, by the way, reportedly about $12 to $15 per hour, typically. Plus tips.”

The good thing, she is working…

The President and first lady have attempted to give their daughters a relatively normal lifestyle by having them hold summer jobs. Sasha’s older sister, Malia, has had a slew of slightly more glamorous gigs. She previously interned as a production assistant on the set of Halle Berry’s CBS show, Extant, in 2014, and worked on the set of HBO’s Girls in 2015. This year, Malia, 18, landed an internship at the U.S. Embassy in Spain. She’s taking a gap year before attending Harvard University in 2017.

Recently, Malia Obama was in the news, for twerking at a party in Chicago.

  1. Our village chairman daughter is probably in d u.s n ll be ordering sumtin frm dat restaurant

  2. our so called leaders should learn something from this . Even to go school here they can’t allow their children to ; talkmore of working in a restaurant.

  3. heheheheheheh in my country its “forbidden” for my prez daughter to under take such job. highly “impossible” lol

  4. Beautiful and humble that’s what I see about her. But you can never see our naija president’s daughter behave like this. Look at Obama’s daughter With beauty and hard work. If you ask me about ours, Na pride and power na dey worry their generation!. But you can’t compare Obama’s kids to other African president kids. The difference is clear.

    • This is Nigeria not US. But this your hate comment is only Ashawo or irresponsible and ingrate person normally abuse his elder or leader.