Art & Humour Nigerian Mum Accuses IG User of Stealing Her Son’s Photos

Nigerian Mum Accuses IG User of Stealing Her Son’s Photos



At what point do we begin to draw a line between that illogical identity theft style called ‘Digital Kidnapping’ and mental illness, especially in scenarios where the perpetrators steal people’s identity for nonprofitable reasons?

Let’s shock you a bit.

Yesterday, a Nigerian woman @Adunola exposed an Instagram user @Lady__Kaygee who stole the photos of her child and created an Instagram page for the boy, posing as the child’s mother.

Mom discovers lady claiming ownership her son and even opened an IG page for him

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It was unclear why the Kaygee lady stole Adunola’s child’s photos, and reposted them under a new Instagram handle. The story has drawn massive reactions on social media and the upset mum has called on Nigerians to report Kaygee’s account for identity theft.

We’ve heard of identity theft, ghosting and catfishing, but digital kidnapping remains a weird trend that makes the hair on our backs stand.

According to Bustle, “Digital kidnapping is when someone steals a stranger’s baby photos and reposts them across the Internet” and in many cases, like in Adunola vs Lady Kaygee, the thief passes off the child as their own.

A quick check on Instagram shows thousands of photos of children, and many of them are stolen and used by people posing to be who they aren’t, just for social media popularity. Beyond the platform, they do not have access to the child’s information, and so the sickening trend leaves many people wondering if the practice is triggered by some type of mental illness.

For Lady Kaygee, critics have branded her ‘jealous’ of the child’s mother, hence she would want to pass off the beautiful child as hers.

Sadly, there are internet users who find nothing wrong with stealing a child’s photo.

“Why is the original owner of the son making noise? Not as if she kidnap the child nonsense (sic),” one human being said.

Another accused the real mother of exposing her son to danger by posting his photos.

What do you think?