News Nigerian Army Block Woman On Twitter For Asking Why They Abducted Their...

Nigerian Army Block Woman On Twitter For Asking Why They Abducted Their Child


A Nigerian Twitter user, Maryam Sani has been blocked by the Nigerian Army on their official Twitter handle for asking why they abducted her daughter.

According to her, she made the first post you see above in November last year with a photo of her daughter. Now she says the official Twitter account of the Nigerian army have blocked her… see below:

  1. What is nigeria turning into, that means thier guilty bcos they couldnt rescue the abducted person, later now they will call themselve army mtcheeewwww

  2. I don’t see where she has gone wrong by asking him a mere question, well I pray that her child will be found,,

  3. Our people say if a child is not up to age and eager to know what happen to d father.. Then what happened to his father will happen to him.. The good news is God has not blocked u dear…

  4. This nigerian army are really annoying me, in terms of cases like this they fail but in terms stupid cases like bullying someone thier 100% brave and gallant. Nonesense

  5. its just a social media anybody can create a fake account and anybody can be blocked, its no news to carry waves.

  6. Are we still on chibok women siege? I thought they have all returned.. While some insisted on hook on to their Boko Haram husband

  7. This Nigerian Army misuse authority, the truth is you cannot place a crown on a clown and expect a king.

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  9. This their issue looks one kind one kind o. Why would the Nigerian Army abduct her child, young child for that matter. Mmmmh. If at all, she did nothing wrong, then I must say that this Nigerian Army people are becoming very very unruly

  10. Whosoever does that has knowledge of what happened to their children abduction, such a person should be questioned by any possible, so because of the decay in the country, one can not ask question.

  11. No be today. The Nigerian Army has something to do with all the terrorism, kidnappings and armed robberies in Nigeria.

  12. This story need to be investigated thoroughly because it is a very embarrasing situation for the Nigerian Army

  13. If keeping the masses safe means blocking pples personal account then it mean that all facebookers should be blocke, why nt ques her secretly instead of blkin her out ”this luks like tyranu to me!!!”