Art & Humour Mom’s Letter to Rebellious Teen Son Goes Viral | Read

Mom’s Letter to Rebellious Teen Son Goes Viral | Read


A 13-year old thought he was old enough to be independent.

His mother decided to write him a letter explaining what that means…and her message has gone viral.

The mum named Estella Havisham, said her son Aaron seemed to have “forgotten” he was “only 13. She said since he didn’t want to be controlled, he had to start paying bills. She tallied up the bills.

The letter gained more than 88,000 likes and 162,000 shares after it was posted on Facebook.

  1. Maybe I talk too much from the western perspective, it is the only one I know at the moment. A boy old enough to know that someone who is controlling is not cool and that independence is great. From what i’ve seen others do, he should just get a good lawyer in readiness to split from his mum and choose any apartment he likes and of course bills and maintenance have to be paid by the mother still. I’m sure when the mother realises she’d be paying two bills, lose her son, she might be tempted to let the boy have his way even if it means rotting away in the process. That is the challenge some people face daily in a different way.