Entertainment News Marvis, Thin Tall Tony and Gifty up for Eviction in Big Brother...

Marvis, Thin Tall Tony and Gifty up for Eviction in Big Brother Naija Show…


Three housemates have the unenviable position of being nominated for eviction and they are Marvis Thin Tall Tony and Gifty.

The new head of house and fake house mate,  Ese saved Tboss who was initially nominated by house mates and replaced her with Marvis.

See the how the nomination went below :-

Bally nominated Bisola and TTT.
Efe nominated Tboss and Gifty.
Gifty nominated Kemen and Bassey.
TTT nominated Tboss and Gifty.
Bassey nominated Efe and TTT.
Bisola nominated Tboss and Gifty.
Kemen nominated Debbie Rise and Gifty.
Debbie Rise nominated TTT and Marvis.
Tboss nominated Marvis and Uriel.
Uriel nominated Tboss and Debbie Rise.
Marvis nominates Bally and Uriel.

  1. Gifty bye bye….thanx for your wildness and the everyday kissing festival you give to every guy involved in the show….see you at your village on sunday

  2. I will take my leave now, to return when more people must have dropped their comments.. Malachy Evalistus murder the food without mercy biko.. Let me come and be going..

  3. Thin Tall Tony Time To Take A Walk From The House And Say Goodbye?..Erm No,It’s Gifty that is getting evicted!!

    • Gifty z leaving dz Sunday. Toh badh………..those housemates r weakling wen it comes to nomination

  4. This Ese will make me stop watching this show. Is this what dey asked her to come and do. Na wa…Na real wa!

  5. nigerians are becoming so naked its becoming a norm and dats wat d Big broda stuff is promoting #justsaying

  6. The way everyone is on this giffy,you guys might be surprised she wuld be the one to win this o! Cos no matter d vote,dah gal has settled some elders behind closed doors and she isn’t going anywhere. Still watching sha

  7. Gifty is finally going home next Sunday….she can’t escape it twice….best of luck to TTT and Marvis

  8. Guys Vote for Tony. Sms TONY to 32052 and Vote via Wechat. Remember its Tony you send note TTT cos it won’t count. Legooo

  9. Gifty is going to be the proverbial cat with nine lives.If you love Gifty for her craziness and for bringing life into the house, despite her shortcomings,common put ur hands up

  10. She is the only beautiful lady in the house, Gifty face is needed ,please let us save her, just forget her kissing, is part of the game ooo .

  11. Guys go ff @TeamThinTallTony via IG and support your very own Entertainer. Remember to SMS vote ThinTallTony to 32052 and vote via Wechat too, You can also download Wechat and start voting immediately yes we can #TeamTTT all the way.

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  14. Marvis is not going, but gifty will not escape it dis time she is going, n Tboss will be up for eviction next week bcs body to dey sweet am d new fake house mate jon is doing miyonce work now on her