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Man Offers To Buy A Wheelchair And Open A Shop For A Crippled Lady He Met By The Road Side. (Photos)


A Nigerian who was on his way to Ikeja this morning, met a crippled lady begging for money at the roadside and moved by her condition, he promised to buy her a wheelchair and open a shop for her.

With the photos he shared online, he wrote:

‘On my way to Ikeja, Met this beautiful woman on the road cripple begging and I have to stop by to ask her what she needs? She said a wheel chair and a shop and I told her all her desire will come through today. I feel happy’

  1. Cool..what wheelchair has brought together let nobody give a damn about it…#MindYourBusiness!!

  2. This is Christ like in practice. An epistle moving alive to be read by all men. Bro kudos, more grace to do more

  3. That comes from a man with a liberal heart and God loves blessing people like this with unimaginable blessings

  4. Nice one though, when I work and pray for so much money it’s not for me alone. It’s for me to be able to touch lives I may never even remember. This man has reminded me why I am making money again.

  5. Knew it was Mr kokun instantly..follow him on instagram..he has a beautiful heart..keep up the good work bro..the best is yet to come

  6. I no wat if feels likes not been able to walk with your two legs or do wat others does with dere both legs, may Almighty Allah bless and guide dis man for his great work am proud of him. for making dis woman smile

  7. Nice one,if all rich in Nigeria can do this…..we will chase poverty out of Nigeria in no time

  8. I pray that God will bless you and your pocket will never go dry in the might name of Jesus christ