Art & Humour Lady Calls Out Her Friend’s Boyfriend Who Has Been Cheating On Her,...

Lady Calls Out Her Friend’s Boyfriend Who Has Been Cheating On Her, Leaks Whatsapp Conversation And Nudes He’s Been Sending To Her



As some guys don’t have self control and can do the most despicable things all in the name of lust, this guy who has been cheating on his long-time girlfriend with her own friends, has been exposed by one of them.

According to details leaked online by a friend to the girlfriend, the guy (pictured above) and his girlfriend have a distant relationship as he works at a reservoir consulting company in Lagos, while she schools in Port Harcourt.

She disclosed that the guy has been busy chatting secretly with his “Girlfriend’ friends sending them all manner of racy and atrociously sex laden messages and even his nudes”.




Unfortunately for him, the girls he has been sending sex chats and nudes have turned on him and made a pauper out of him by sending the chats to his girlfriend.

With this atrocious discovery by the girlfriend, the source questions what will be your action if you were to be in her shoes ?

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