Sport Jose Mourinho Sacked as Chelsea Manager

Jose Mourinho Sacked as Chelsea Manager



Jose Mourinho has been sacked as manager of Chelsea. The decision was announced within the hour and Chelsea are on the lookout for a new manager. Jose Mourinho had led the London to the title less than seven months ago and now finds himself without a job though this would not be the case for long as he is in high demand.

Mourinho who was in his second spell with the club had declared himself the “Happy One” but now is the “Sacked One”. Speculations had been rife for some weeks now regarding his future with Chelsea occupying 16th position on the table presently. This comes after 16 games with Chelsea amassing a miserly 15 points. There were reports of mutiny within the team and Costa drew the irk of players when he suggested that his teammates were napping during their defeat against Leicester City on Monday.

His admission in his post match interview that his players had betrayed him would have signaled a break down of communication between players and manager and this admission might have caused him his job.

Graham Roberts who played for Chelsea and England spoke with the BBC and feels the players are as much to blame for the predicament of the team and he had this to say “I don’t think they can play any worse, they have been absolutely diabolical this year. Some of the Players need to look at their own stature at the club. They have let the club down, the supporters down”.

Speculations are now rife about his replacement with Pep Guardiola, Jaunde Ramos, Brendan Rodgers and Guus Hiddink been touted as possible replacements