Weird and Strange Jealous Female UNIBEN student poisons Girlfriend of a Guy she had a...

Jealous Female UNIBEN student poisons Girlfriend of a Guy she had a crush on, Killing Both Her Crush and His Girl


There is a current uproar at the University of Benin after a Female student poisoned the Girlfriend of Her Crush which apparently, led to the death of both her Crush and His Girlfriend.


Here’s how it happened.

The Boyfriend (Joel) won a competition (Most Handsome – MR Elsa Awards) in Uniben..and they had a dinner party afterwards. Joel went to the dinner party with his Girlfriend (Precious)..and All was going well until the Secret admirer felt she has had enough of Joel and Precious’ romantic affair.


The secret admirer felt precious was the reason Joel isn’t noticing her, so she decided to poison the Girl (Precious). The secret admirer served both Precious and Joel food at the party (Note: she poisoned precious’ food). But unfortunately for her, The romance between Joel and precious began..Joel ate from Precious plate.

They were both rushed to the University of Benin Teaching Hospital (UBTH) where they both died an hour later.

More details later.

Source: Uniben Freshers Whatsapp Group:


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  1. BEAUTIFUL BUT UNLUCKY!!!! God have mercy on dis generation of ours R. I. P namesake í ½í¸¢í ½í¸­

  2. It is not enough to be a mere Christian, a church goer or even a muslim or pagan/atheist but whoever does not belong to d caucus of “John the Beloved”, kick him or her out of your life. Be it intimate or casual friend. They could be a destiny waster wenever opportunity presents itself to them. Judas witnessed all d miracles Jesus performed, it didn’t stop him from exposing Jesus to d enemy. Be wise in choosing who ur friend is n do not be afraid to kick anybody out if u see any traces of evil in their behaviour, speech or moves.

  3. this is so pathetic, hw some girls reason sef? u kill for just university love? i can’t believe that joel died just bcos of some stupid person who can’t reason…. u wasted a Bright future!!! its just sad

  4. “Ha, Oluwa, nibiti oloriburuku ba ba si, lati mu mi rin irin ajo ikoro ati ekun Orun o, ba mi fi emi e se awadanu loni yi o. This is a colossal loss, a complete too much sheer waste. “Owo ase danu lori omo”. Hmmmmm!

  5. Joel still can’t believe u r gone so soon… I remember d way u played football well in effective bk den.. we miss u

  6. It’s just too difficult to believe Dat u won’t be around us anymore, my Broda, my friend n my twin, it’s like am dreaming Dat ur no more, please som1 shud wake me from dis nyt mare…

  7. RIP is not just enough. The boy in question is my cousin and its so sad how convenient it is to spell out his name and that of his supposed girlfriend who also died with him but no one is able to mention who or what the name of the killer is. Where is the justice we all talk about? I ask the writer or the person who posted this news. Yesterday he was laid to rest with pains and tears in every bodies eyes. His mother is heart broken, we all are. Yet no one mentions the name of the jealous girl who cut his life short just because she was jealous. Is she going to go on with her life and maybe killing another person due to her jealousy?

  8. Hmmmmm Ma broad a friend I saw u last year wit ur face so happy wen we hug each one but today u ar gone ooooh was a wicked world may ur soul Rip wit d Lord ancient for d girl repentance is what I ask u to do before it will be too late