Entertainment News Celebrity Gist Daniella Okeke Took a Jab at Tonto Dikeh’s Marriage

Daniella Okeke Took a Jab at Tonto Dikeh’s Marriage


Daniella Okeke Took a Jab at Tonto Dikeh's Marriage
Enemies of Tonto Dikeh have started coming out. The first on the list is actress Daniella Okeke.

Daniella slams Tontolet’s relationship with her boo, Churchill Oladunni Obasanjo.

Daniella wrote on social media “Be careful when you keeping bae a secret coz he might just be a few other people’s bae too.”


Okeke who seems to be a hater also wrote “Ha! So Aunty last last marries ‘Mr X’ Not like it’s stops the rain from pouring tho.”


  1. Jealous is a disease Okeke if he is your ex who cares like really just be happy for your fellow women una pple dont like progress at all i beg leave Tonto alone,happy marriage life..

  2. Who knows her?? She’s very irrelevant… Just bcos she starred in one useless opera?? Make she go siddon abeg..

  3. Why can’t people simply be happy for others? I don’t understand unless it’s envy

  4. true enemy of progress stay away from totolent and her hubby, when God blesses someone rejoice and pray for urs

  5. If his ur ex n so fuck wat?are u not someone’s ex?pls get busy with dat so call movie acting of urs ur fooling people with,n let totolent have peace with her new found life.ur d enemy we have been praying to show face?old Daniella okeke check d next door??tonto is very busy now n also MRS ???

  6. Please leave Tonto o, I am happy for her, it is not easy to get hooked these days especially for this their job that makes them ‘unrepentant Animashaun’

  7. bad belle! go get urself a hubby if u think its not a big deal# am sure u dont even hav a boyfriend let alone a fiancee # busy body

  8. If he’s your ex,you should be hiding since he didn’t find you wifeable enough instead of coming out to expose yourself. Whatever sha,in the words of Mr Incredible,bad belle is allowed

  9. I cant believe this,so stella okereke can really stoop so low to be amng tonto hater list,na wah oo at least u don dey somewhere,e no bad if tonto self find head put for somewhere.

  10. I cant believe this,so stella okereke can really stoop so low to be amng tonto hater list,na wah oo at least u don dey somewhere,e no bad if tonto self find head put for somewhere.

  11. Haters! haters! haters!dey are just everywhere lyk little flys always disturbing 4 attention,you knw wat? Tonto will always be my girl.congrat sweetheart bigger u

  12. Girl bye,even if he’s someone’s ex so damn wat.she ain’t gonna be one cause she got the final deal.Dont hate appreciate.Tired of seeing girls hating on themselves,wat happened to being each other’s keepers.?U will neva see a guy write this on social media.Smdh.?

  13. my dear a very big congrats thank God d word of man can nt dis to come to pass in ur life once again tank God for u dear.

  14. If he was ur ex, why didnt he marry u when u guys were dating? Can u imagine, he has moved on and found someone he is really adores and He married her, so go get ur own, bcos she has gotten hers, chioma

  15. leave the fine babe alone no wonder u still single cos u UGLY n tonto is simply tonto magic

  16. that road is bad will not stop motto from moving. dat u ar not happy wit tonto wil never stop her destined man.

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  18. Danielle or wat’s ur name leave tontolet amebo,over sabi aus wife ITK (I too knw) mtcheww dey 4 der mk pant dey wear u. Useless Human being

  19. Tonto no matter what people says about u just knw dat someone somewhere love u soo much dear… Congrats

  20. Hehehehe! Tonto also badmouthed Mercy Johnson when Mercy Johnson got married years ago. So, #badbelle and badmouthing is allowed. It’s normal!

  21. mtchewww get a relationship first,jobless amebo .u don faill MRS TONTO OBASANJO marriage has come to stay sorry oooooooooo

  22. I really dont blame people who are attacking Tonto now. All these times, Tonto has been attacking everyone she can get across to. She made fun of Omotola, Genevive, stephnie Okere etc… so now is her turn. The medicine can be bitter if you take it yourself

  23. Instead of u picking on her why don’t u make a useful of urself and get urself a husband too!, enemy of progress!!

  24. Stella didnt mean is her ex…that waz d name tonto do call her huɓby,mr x..When they started bcs she was hiding his identity…U are all getting it wrong.

  25. my pple dem no dey catch late comer 4 marriage ooooooo, who wnts 2 marry shuld marry n who dosent shuld mind his or her own business na, nigeria no wao ooooooo. sheeeeeeeeeuuuuuuuu

  26. Personalities haven’t coughed not to talk abt Insignificant creatures. Congrats Tontoh i pray the blessings and wisdom of God to be with u in ur marriage. Luv ya

  27. Gideon okeke was the one accused off hating on her marriage earlier this week, are u sure dis pple are not mixing up thier names?

  28. I love u Tonto u are a smart lady…keep balling sweet while haters keep shrinking..ina anwu champagne ha kana anwu panadol in phyno’s voice.??

  29. Daniella isnt sayin tonto s hubby s her ex…Mr X is de name tonto use to call her hubby web dey were datin to hide his identity..ppl get it right pls.

  30. Okeke u are angry bcos he did nt take u as a wife material,he used u and dumped u. U a cheap flirt that goes around looking for whom to condem. Shame on u,she’s far much better than u and highly recognise than your worwor face,bitch like u.