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This category emphasizes on humor, jokes, riddles and appreciating art.

Meet the 5 Year Old Girl Instagram Celebrity Living The Life You Dreamt Of

Wow! Meet the 5 Year Old Girl Instagram Celebrity Living The Life... That life you dreamed of, yes, the ;life you dreamed of ; that's...

Photo Of The Day! It Only Happens In Ibadan

Where else in Nigeria have you seen ATM machine that is locked with gate like this? The picture above is one of the ATM...


LOL... Calm your nerves... It's just a tree...Or what you think???

Ibinabo Fiberesima Shares Precious Moment With Daughter, Zino

Ibinabo shared the picture above of her cuddling her daughter Zino, who turned 5 year old, last month. Awwwww...so cute!

Photo of The Day : Nigerian Policemen Dancing Azonto While on Duty

Gross indiscipline... And one of them is even handling a gun.

The House Built Upside Down

The sky they say is the limit but when it comes to creativity the sky is only a stepping stone.This incredible house that...

PHOTO OF THE DAY :- Fool Of Life

SMH... 14yrs old? He needs to be flogged!!!

Photo of The Day: Man wears “Ghana-Must-Go” type of Shirt

Lol, okay This got me gasping for air, and I began to ponder how a normal person would wear this type of shirt in...

[Photo] Mama G Nabs Aki & Pawpaw

Mama G (Patience Ozokwo), manhandling the mischievous pair of Chinedu Ikedieze (Aki), and Osita Iheme (Pawpaw)This is from a new production titled Magic Bible,...

Awww… Beyonce Jumps Into Jay-Z’s Arms After Incredible Super Bowl Performance!!! (PHOTO)

She performed to the cheers of millions around the world, but there's was one only man on Beyonce's mind following her incredible on-stage turn....

SHOWDOWN!!! Nicki Minaj & Mariah Carey Take It To The Next Level (PHOTO)

Lol...Good Morning GistReel readers...Just another photo to laugh at.Nice day ahead...

Battle of Beauty: Nadia Buari vs Juliet Ibrahim – Who’s Hotter? [LOOK]

They are Very Beautiful Ghanaian Actresses who have starred in hundreds of Movies, They are Talented, They are Hot, They are curve, they are...

Hugh Jackman: ‘Just Chilling’ Underwater Photograph

45-year-old Australian actor Hugh Jackman best known for his role as Wolverine in X-men never cease to make people laugh in real life.He shares...

[Photo] Osita Iheme & The Biggest Bible In The World!

Please help us caption this picture of Osita Iheme, carrying a Bible, which seems as big as he is. #lol

Eeeerrrm…. What a Cake! (PHOTO) +18

 Hmmmmmm.... Are you seeing what i'm seeing???

LOL… Caption This SAKA’s PHOTO

LOL... What best describes this PHOTO???

PHOTO OF THE DAY :- Lesson Of Life

In life, we all plan. But, how many of us plan to the end? How many of us apply foresight at the beginning?Even Former...

PHOTO OF THE DAY :- Describe Her With Any Word Apart From Stupid

LOL... This got me cracking... How will any normal human queue behind mannequins? Smh...
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