Entertainment News Celebrity Gist Bill Gates Wife Fetches Water, Washes Dishes in Malawi

Bill Gates Wife Fetches Water, Washes Dishes in Malawi


Bill Gates Wife Fetches Water, Washes Dishes in MalawiWife of a billionaire and world’s richest man, Melinda Gates was spotted helping local women wash dishes in Malawi.

Melinda also helped the women with water by going to the river with them to fetch water.

Melinda was spotted carrying a bucket of water on her head. Melinda is in the African country on a philanthropic mission.


  1. Down to the earth family. May the blessing of God be with Bill Gate’s family and all lovers of mankind who are not pretenders but geniune lovers of fellow beings. Thank you Lady Gate, your rewards are treasured specially in heaven

  2. e no go hapen for nija dangote wife go fetch water for tap and put am for head ordinary pure water shed no go drink pride go kill us for dis nija

  3. its a very big deal cus no Nigerian billionaire’s wife would do that… may God give me the grace to remain humble no matter the height i attain in Jesus name, Amen!!!

  4. Oh my god, for me this is like waoh. Plz god give me the grace to be hunble, no matter any high position I find myself. Let me still be hunble to ur glory. Amen for this is fabulous.

  5. Thats why he is still married rich people always devorce their woman but if yu can get someone like her yu will never seperate

  6. Rich Ghanaian women even won’t do because pride. God bless you for been so humble and loving

  7. even a thousandnaire wife cannot do it in naija my prayer is dat may God give our country’s rich men and women humility.God bless mrs gate for her humility

  8. I dont really know bill gates’s wife, but if its true, may the good Lord keep blessing her family.

  9. May the Almighty God bless you for your humility sake. I know it is a product that you are from a good family back ground.

  10. do u guys know Bill gate wife?all white women are humble……..so i dnt fink dat she’s bill gate wife…………hundred percent sure”cos thousandnair in Nigeria cant even come out to see what is going on outside…..is goin 2 bee Dstv always

  11. Don’t ever think you are too better for something…The wife of the world’s richest man did it…being humble and dedicating to the needy could land us to higher height. ..salute to the Gates family. God bless you