Art & Humour Photo Of The Day Attention Seeker? PrettyMike Drinking From A Baby Feeder…

Attention Seeker? PrettyMike Drinking From A Baby Feeder…


Following his arrest and release by the Lagos state police command for putting a leash on two ladies publicly, PrettyMike is back under the radar.

He was spotter drinking from a feeding bottle.

See pics for yourself…

  1. Nigerian why una dey fall my hand… Here in Ghana they really insulting us… Imagine all dis illiterates here insulting us…. One told me that is bobrisky sick or something? I told I don’t know look at this one again suck baby’s feeder….. Aye le o…. Tope Alabi mama u are right

  2. Firstly chained gals now holding feeding bottle…. I op his not mentally disarray? Abi woman don smack his yansh

  3. Uhmm,dis guy mixed cocaine and milk togeda,si it won’t get noticeable DAT is why is using feeding bottle,bro u ain’t smart

  4. This stupid nuisance should be jailed for constituting nuisance on the street .dirty habits if he find his own sisters doing that rubbish how would this he goat act ……

  5. Wonders shall never end in d life of dis guy, after d chain issue now is baby feeder. His brain really needs to b checked b4 he start offing his clothe

  6. This guy need to download new version of maturity from play store, you are drinking from feeding bottle , is alright, continue

  7. Someone go just wake up for morning and decides to be popular for doing stupid things. .. guy them use ur brain cook soup?

  8. Abeg !Feeder abi?no problem.WHO FEEDER EEP? let him suck well,maybe d mother didn’t feed him wit feeding bottle,he has our attention already

  9. Mumu.. The souls he used for money ritual is making him acting insane.. He go soon mad.! make una watch out.

  10. And Una don help d guy gain the attention already. y nor see something like this and ignore it, must u post it, u dey fyn comment abi u don c am na

  11. Pretty Mike, wat is d goal dis tym cuz d last tym u said u were fighting for women, dis tym na for children abi, na fool go kill u.

  12. You need to do something, somehow, somewhere to be recognised in this country. I believe that’s exactly what’s his doing cos his no different than other “attention seeker’s” like some peeps will tag him. None of my business btw

  13. They should check this guy very well!!! It’s like he has some kind of psychopathic issues or e fit be say them swear for am from village say him life no go ever straight!!!

  14. Hahaha, pls u guy should not blame him bcos his mother didn’t breast feed him very well, And two his girl friend breast is too small for him to suck so he need extra large breast like baby feeder Iol. Na joke i dey joke oooo!!!

  15. It’s not him that’s seeking attention but u wey one of brain bolt and nut are missing, wy putting it up here on FBK