Art & Humour Photo Of The Day Another Bobrisky… Man flaunts his butt on Instagram

Another Bobrisky… Man flaunts his butt on Instagram


What’s with men trying to be women nowadays?

What happened to the 14yrs imprisonment for gay people?

Well, here’s another bob risky in the making and we would bring you more photos as things go.

  1. Hey hey, make dem dey arrest this people na, make others dey learn lesson. Which kind rubbish be this?

  2. See how he looks like a girl. If you mistakely go bring this one for house untill he uncloth himself before you know say he be boy. I swear na cutlass i go used pushed am from my house

  3. CHISOOOS!!!!!……….Na wetin bi dis?…..Bobrisky siblings are now showing themselves for all to see!!.Chai!!,see wetin one idiot don cause!!

  4. I luv dis yoruba proverb wich say “ kokoro ton je for idi efor lowa” bros d madness way dey chop yur brian dey for ur skul ode ,mumu,dewee na ur surname

  5. but to be honest,fam the easiest way to become popular nowadays na to de flaunt ya ass and bare body ( for women ), but for males, just close your eyes and shout: devil possess me 10 times. Thank u

  6. Please stop making these numbskulls popular by giving them attention. As u can he’s sick& lost his freaking mind .

  7. This guy really needs deliverance… Oya join me in praying 4 him…every spirit of homosexuality from the village holy ghost….

  8. Idiot, i just hate bobrisky, this kind guy na until they tear him yansh na him e go knw say wetin he dey do no good

  9. He is still wearing a leggings, thought he would show us his naked butt disappointed. Nonsense!

  10. All the mad men are coming out of the woodwork. Thank God Trump is in power. If he came chase his mad men back, maybe they will take ours with them

  11. You post any more gay shit here Am unliking your page Don’t wanna see shits like this any more Wonder If you gay too #Gistreal

  12. Make we pray for him….. My father,my papa, every spirit of gay,spirit of showing yash,spirit of eating finger and doing like woman oya catch fire…… Prayer……

  13. Yeah,Gistreal I always like your post because it always catches my attention, but this is a pure sh*t. Posting him/her cos I don’t know who S/He is on a media like this gives him more fame and traffics which is what she wants. Please stop generating traffics for those ignorant

  14. This bobrisky diesaese of a thing is spreading to much I better protect my kid brother before he get infected.

  15. Hope say na woman born this one hmm chai…….don’t have much to say all left for God

  16. All of them just want to be like Bobrisky but una no reach, Bobrisky na una father for madness

  17. This is nonsense no matter how you change your face and your body to girl you will still think like a man, please do a heart surgery to complete the work, abomination

  18. If yhu like post ur dick.. bastard dis gist reel safe na idiot dem no go post things on MMM and missing president buhari

  19. Mehn imagine all dis dicks in the wrong human beings….yall made ur mothers go true nine months of pain for this??? Wasted humans