News Adamu Muazu’s Departure is Normal- Fayose

Adamu Muazu’s Departure is Normal- Fayose


Adamu Muazu's Departure is Normal- FayoseEkiti State Governor, Ayo Fayose said PDP former chairman, Adamu Muazu‘s departure is normal.

Fayose is among the party members who urged Adamu to resign due to how he led the party in the 2015 elections.

Fayoso told Channels that “I want to say that he has done well by accepting to ‘toe the path of honour’.Our call for his resignation was in line with proper practice all over the world.When a leader leads his own people to an election in a manner that the PDP was led, then it is honourable for him to depart peacefully and he has done it, though late, but still welcoming,”

“The PDP is not in a stable state because we fell and for anyone to fall, you need time to get your ass together.Overtime, things will fall in place.

“Adamu Muazu’s departure is normal. It is not out of place, the party will get over this period and we will pick the pieces and move on”