Entertainment News Celebrity Gist Actress Pays N350 million For One Bedroom Flat

Actress Pays N350 million For One Bedroom Flat [Photos]



Everyone knows that New York is one of the most expensive cities in the world, but then when actress Naturi Naughton star of the Show ‘Power’ is paying $900K for one bedroom then you’re left scratching your head.

To put it into context, in today’s market, $900k equals around N350m in Nigeria– let that sink in for a moment.

The ‘Luxury’ apartment is a one bedroom, 793 square foot space. While it’s hardly “face me, I face you” conditions, it’s still ridiculously pricey.

She also has to pay $1500 a month in taxes and HOZ fees (Maintainance). That’s basically N500k per month in taxes.

You can see pictures of her N350m apartment below.

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  1. She must be very stupid if this is true.. Money that I’ll use to buy 2 very long and occupied streets with 4 storey buildings in them here in okpoko.. She be confam money miss road

  2. 4 which country, just one bathroom flat, so 2 build d one bathroom flat wil b 1 billion nah.

  3. Hmm…. #Okenwa u already called her stupid nd u believe of payin N350 million 4 one bedroom flat……..

  4. And so what?what has it got to do with us?by the way how did she get the money? Because even if she is a prostitute in America,she can’t make that money for the rest of her life

  5. Na her life but if any thing else hit her tomorrow she will beg Innocent Nigerian struggling for common face me n face you to support her raise million for her Aid…..

  6. Naija…please feed us the right info…she is a Hollywood actress and she paid 270million for a two bedroom apartment in New York