Entertainment News Celebrity Gist Actress Lola Alao Converts To Muslim

Actress Lola Alao Converts To Muslim



Yoruba movie star Lola Alao, has converted to Muslim. She converted and changed her name to Rhodiat

The delectable actress has had her own share of controversy as she got married to her second husband in 2013.


Apparently, reports say her new faith isn’t associated to her marital life as it was her choice.


The Islamic scholar Yusuf Adepoju, who introduced her to the religion shared a congratulatory message on his Facebook page.


  1. Which religion beers the name aloa? That means she has been a Muslim from birth, if her last name has been alao from time.

    • Alao is a yoruba name not muslim name and precise,does that really make her a real muslim after she must have gotten one rich muslim maga that used money make her dress like a Muslim and might not practice

    • I have never heard xtian with that name, all the Also:s I know are Muslim, beside why are they announcing it? Hundreds of Muslims covert to christians on a daily basis, is this news? White man’s religion and borrowed religion is nothing to die over.

    • All this our celebrities are confused, they marry money, if u like be babalawo , so far u are teach, they will kiss ur toe.

    • Alao is an eulogy…..oriki,a typical yoruba name just like adio,akano,amoo,ajala,adisa etc….all typical yoruba names

  2. Hahahahahah bt u guy ar fallin in dere trap rite,is it jt film,well well all d muslim ar al try 2 tune all christian 2 muslim,so be careful

  3. This was before ramadan fasting and during fasting, she has been a Muslim all along. slim all

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