Trending News A Man Did This To His Wife For Saying ‘Buhari is Working’

A Man Did This To His Wife For Saying ‘Buhari is Working’


A man who is mad at the way President Buhari is ruling the country beat up his wife for saying the president is working.

A user on Twitter shared the below photo to inform the world on what is currently going on in the country.


Mehn the beating is bad!!

  1. It was a woman bicus her hobby took another wife. U see bicus of politic a man did Di to his wife much more:….,..,

  2. D man for commot her 2 eyes make buhari kill d woman idiot 4 dis hardship na she dey praise buhari.

  3. Hahahaha! Am sure dis woman loss her memory card (Brain) hence she said that! Can’t stop laughing!

  4. hahaha good job to d man bcos of dis mumu is house wife she dont know what nigeria is passing through. by the time u stop buying food stuff bcos her type man wil buy pepper,salt maggi, fish, meat, oil e.t.c. tell me if dis type of person wil not promote old buhari (All FROGRASSIVE QONFENDENS)