Editorials Top 5's 8 Nollywood Baby Mamas And Single moms

8 Nollywood Baby Mamas And Single moms


The baby mama trend is fast growing and is gaining acceptance by most people in the world, even celebrities are embracing it. I’m not saying they are doing it willingly but still…

Here are 10 Nollywood celebrities that have become baby mamas and single mothers.

First the baby mamas

1. Bisi Ibidapo Obe

Delectable Yoruba actress Bisi Ibidapo Obe populary known as Omo LogbaLogba was in a controversy years back over the father of her child. Rumor had it that it was Dino Melaye but he came out to deny the fact that he was the father. It was a messy battle but eventually the actress gave up and accepted her baby mama status. She has however been doing well for herself. The lawmaker Dino Melaye has come come out to accept responsibility for the little girl.