Entertainment News Celebrity Gist 2baba’s Baby Mama’s Sister Blasts Annie Idibia

2baba’s Baby Mama’s Sister Blasts Annie Idibia


Nollywod actress Annie Idibia indirectly slammed Pero Adeniyi on Instagram for blocking 2baba from seeing his kids.

She wrote, “Am all about child abuse for the last few weeks… And I realize that they are so many forms of it! Even as parent we do this without even knowing!!! Let’s love our children more than the situations!!! Shout out to all the separated parent /EX who don’t stress the other parent over seeing their own kid!!! God bless you.. Your reward is bigger and it is in heaven… #sayNo2Parentalalienation #saynotochildabuseforreal #loveyourkidsmore #whatGoneIsGone #letgo #livefree God bless u real big @s/o to @sunmbo great woman ”

Pero’s elder sister, Eniola Titiloye decided to blast Annie for saying thrash about her sister on social media.

“How dare you Annie! Enough! Your cup is running full. If you want me to finish you here or on any media your fake career will dome to an end

“Do you think we have deleted all your evil messages concerning those 3 kids Do you want the world to know the truth on how you keep him from seeing his kids. Girl…..don’t even go there with me! I am not hiding, I am Pero’s only sister! The older one. This is clap back season and i am so in on it. How dare you throw a subtle shade?!. You think her keeping quiet means she is silly, you think she doesn’t know how to use social media to aim fame? Leaving her life in the US quietly is because she respects her children, loves them and does not throw them on social media to score cheap points and cheap likes. You think you can trespass that territory You just crossed the line. If you think you are superwoman, I got the krypton items for your ass! #dontevengothere, #youaretreadingonscorpionstail #liar!!!”

“If you think you can start something just because he got away from your claws to throw a 10th birthday party for his daughter, you got something else coming your way. #liar #Igotyourtime #andforyourtrollstoo!”

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  1. C beef annie was not referring to any body no name was mentioned there Anni baby enjoy Jawe to hell with ur haters nd for the senseless jobless senior sister to the baby mama well-done any thing you start you will carry ur cross alone

  2. All this women with their running mouth, leave d poor lady alone atlist she left d man for u. So y all this talki talki on media. Annie ur own wan cum dey too much

    • Hr own don tire me sef every sec she dey media if she cough she go put am for media if her pikin cry she go put am for media she for jam typical Edo or warfi woman dem for drag hr husband with her like mad not pero wey just let mata lye low

    • Nor b lie u talk. She forget say she b d last woman to born for tuface yet she still dey talk rubbish for social media. She’s lucky say she nor jerm wicked woman to correct her madness

  3. You all surprise me with ur comments. Simply read and understand what she wrote. What she wrote is not bad.

  4. Wetin dey worry all dis haters sef, Annie no talk to anybody & wetin she talk no bad at all. Wetin edo & waffi women fit do sef..2baba no see dem or im baby mamas b4 im marry annie? Instead of una to direct una insult to him una tekam to her. Shuoo! If her post dey pepper una for body mek una go post una own mek wek see or better still break a leg. Oruvwe mtcheew!

  5. What is wrong with Annie self? i like her b4, she is beginning to make me dislike her, what is her business? 2face should be the complaining not u, especially when u know both u are not in good terms. The truth is that annie was indirectly refering to pero especially when she mention sambo name. Annie is really looking for trouble, u and sambo are close bcos she is a born again christian and she is marry too, or Do u think if not bcos of those two reason u and sambo would have be friend?

  6. I wonder how some ladies can pretend. When u meet this Annie in person she’s not friendly at all. Even say hi to her, the meaning of the eye she will eye u. Is, who is this one? As if ur not a human being. But on media she talks as if she’s an angel. Really I don’t understand.

  7. This pero is really desperate. Annie don’t give her any chance,else she will perform again.

  8. She might be d last but she is still the first , iyd not easy to b outstanding amongst those standing out