Nigerians on Twitter 'Defend' 'Puff Puff' after Foreigners Gave it Another Name (Photos)

Nigerians are one of the rarest creatures on Mother Earth.

They might bash their own but do not try to mess with on of theirs including their food.

Nigerians on twitter went on international war after an Adventurous company on Twitter, INSIDER(@thisisinsider) shared a video of the ‘Puff Puff’ calling it ‘loukoumades’.

They showed the love the have for their nation and snack(s) by forcing foreigners to accept the name Puff Puff  after they gave ‘Puff puff’ an English name.

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Nigerians refused to let go, and are seen forcing the foreigners to accept its name as ‘Puff Puff’

Check out some funny reactions below:

Nigerians on Twitter 'Defend' 'Puff Puff' after Foreigners Gave it Another Name (Photos)Nigerians on Twitter 'Defend' 'Puff Puff' after Foreigners Gave it Another Name (Photos)Nigerians on Twitter 'Defend' 'Puff Puff' after Foreigners Gave it Another Name (Photos)Nigerians on Twitter 'Defend' 'Puff Puff' after Foreigners Gave it Another Name (Photos)Nigerians on Twitter 'Defend' 'Puff Puff' after Foreigners Gave it Another Name (Photos)Nigerians on Twitter 'Defend' 'Puff Puff' after Foreigners Gave it Another Name (Photos)

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  1. The only you gonna see all different tribes in Nigeria Unite together to defend their country is when an individual from a different country attempt to make mockery of Nigeria I love Nigeria abeg

    • Making a big deal out of nothing. The sample meal being called puff puff in Nigeria and whatever in other countries shouldn’t be a big deal, but my people won’t agree….

  2. fuuny post puff puff should be called puff puff… been a long tym have eaten it i feel lyk eating it ryt nw

  3. Hahhahahahah puff puff is a bae I dont joke with that snacks ooo at least it helped me a lot in my school days, all d money given to me for my transport fare will be used to buy my puff puff Still enjoys dat now dat am a big girl So pls ooo am also defending puff puff because it sustain more Dan this foreign bugger

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  5. I day go hungry becos of that oo. I must wait till 10 before i eat breakfast during my primay school days oo. Mama karo must fry am everyday from moday till friday ooo. Up Niger for life carry go

  6. Up Naija abeg I go with my people if oyibo d doubt us say no be puff puff make dem come buy our dictionary go learn some words oo… Thumbs up jaree

  7. Hahagah. I trust my naija people, always ready to defend what belongs to them. It’s called puff puff, iya say after me puff puff…..

  8. They can take away their dollars n pounds but they can’t take away our darling puff puff.

  9. I remembered last year when some kiwi human products from kenya, went against the odd to diss Nigerians, just can’t forget seeing an Hausa, yoruba n Igbo man disseminating them…If such small ish can bring us together, I wonder why we still hate each other.

  10. It’s our “puff puff”, we always ate it before going to school in the morning with “akara” (cosai is an acceptable, not beans cake)

  11. Lol. Did some for our church ladies meeting. They asked what the name was, I didn’t say anything because I wanted them to try it first, which they really liked. One of the ladies said it’s Chinese doughnuts. Which one concern me, I no kukuma correct her. No power to start explaining names.

  12. Some Nigerians dey call am Kpuff Kpuff. Go to all Nigerian food website, watch the video, you go hear the woman with her Kpuff kpuff practical. Let me comango before sombori cry for here

  13. I love my country people.. Chai, na so dey roast oyibo wey cook jollof rice in oyibo way. 5mins jollof rice don do . dem tear the man finish that day so tey he come apologise. I raise yansh for my people o

  14. Yes o They wanna kidnap our lifesaver o by giving it a longer name. Beg puff puff all d way o. Am surprised tho the way Nigerians stand united in this (food) issue. Naija 4 Life O!

  15. Hahahaha See as the name sounds gan self (loukoumades) , wetin concern loukouman(lukman) with puff puff . No be mama risi dey make am for the roadside for my street. Oyinbo with their wahala

  16. I was even wonder when I saw them put puff puff inside honey here or chocolate ontop of puff puff. Some people even put something like white on top of it call it white sugar

  17. Dat was hw dey change our game from change ur style, anoder style, be like dat, be like dat to mannequin challenge. Yeye pipu

  18. Stupid people, next thing now dem go thief our garri dey call Cassapringles. Puff puff fried with ororo