'I Celebrate What an Awesome Mother I am' Tonto Dikeh Joins in Mother's Day Celebration

Tonto Dikeh is an elated mom as she joins million around the world celebrating Mother’s Day.

The actress and philanthropist shared an adorable video of herself and her one year old son King Andre.

In the video caption, she wrote,

“Today I celebrate what an awesome mother I am..
Today I celebrate the Gift of been a mother..
As a mother I have known Pure love, Joy and happiness.. Today I celebrate the strength of Motherhood upon me & every other mother out there..


See video below:

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  1. King Andre, Wetin happen, U know say ur papa bn wan leave ur mama? Ur papa bn wan go for DNA? #photocopy #carboncopy

  2. y i just d make mistk to day na, wetin happen. ok Tonto wetin i want write b say u adore dis ur boy so much. happy mday wit love

  3. Hmd to my Ikwerre sis Pls find time in your heart ♥ to forgive your husband Pls… To enable both you happy in life cheer love my sister from another mother in Ikwerre /obio/akpor LAG

  4. My dear, as you talking to your son playing with him that’s your husband you are playing with. because both are the same blood I pray to God almighty to restore your marriage back and give you the heart of forgiveness

  5. Happy mothers day my most beautiful any day but remember that the ability to save ur home is there within u

  6. Mrs Churchill pls go back to ur home, ur son is too cute to be brought up with out his father. Am begging you

  7. Beautiful bt dis ur son is exactly like his father bt aunty tonto find a place in ur heart and forgive ur husband and forget de past

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    • You are the real trash, I bet you have never seen a woman in labor or even have a baby sick girl.

    • To be honest this ,u are not a lady let alone of becoming a woman or mother some day, bcus u lack what it takes to be a mother, how can u say that to a lady that carried a full grown human for nine good months and by God’s help delivered successful,,, I lack words to say more,,,, get lost and get brain

    • There are huge difference between been a mother and a mother, you born pikin no mean you don reach the level of motherhood. Some bad characters needs to be dropped.

  9. Wetin Andre ur papa wan run, too much resemblance, mama King ur is still in love o, I beg forgive am, at least second chance. God will always punish dat evil roseline, my dear God is already fighting for u, even men embarrassing her.

  10. Go back to ur husband, is scriptural, is till death part you guys DAT is when u can be separated OK.

  11. Awesome mother Indeed, better find ways to reconcile with your husband and save the future of this growing prince.

  12. Pls if u re not ready to be a mother/wife? I begging u return that boy to his dad and let this be the very 1st & last u and ur hubby go do sometin u carry aboy zoom off na man we wan raise there no be shoot bird em mama fly

  13. There are huge difference between been a mother and a mother, you born pikin no mean you don reach the level of motherhood. Some bad characters needs to be dropped. Some of the girls are just babymama’s not REAL MOTHERS.

  14. My dear tonto go back and make peace wt ur husband that is what makes u a Woman any body that is advising u to abandon ur lovely family does not mean well for u every marriage has it own up and down if every Woman open their mouth to tell u what they have gone through in marriage u will thank God for ur own am sure all these happened for a reason to teach the two of u a lesson tonto am sure u av learnt that lesson be wise my dear and be the peace in ur home u and ur husband is one if u want him to change let the change start wt u ur prayers can move mountain ur prayers can change that man marriage is not a bed of roses. Open ur eyes my sister he is a man ur prayers will bring him back to u and pls forgive him that will make it work faster i know u believe in God tonto there is nothing difficult for God to do go on ur kneels my sister. Happy mothers day