WOW! See This Family of 9 with 4 Sets of Identical Twins

A photographer, Obrigado Dona Cegonha shared this cute photo and we simply can’t get enough of it.

Dona reveals that the husband and wife are the parent of a big boy and four sets of identical twins.

The family of nine melted hearts with the photo which looks totally adorable.

Their first son charmingly held on to the family’s last set of twin babies.

This plus sized model photo got us wowing....

The family left their upper bodies bare except for the mama who dressed in a black top.

While the woman will definitely be able to tell her twin babies apart, we can’t say the same for the man.

  1. What they could’ve gotten in 8yrs they got it in one year… Na this kind thing they make men jump hospital fence.. Congrats dear

  2. Wow! That’s too much oh but If I get those sets, I will only take to 2 sets, I’m ok with that… Congrats to the family…

  3. OMG! 4 sets 4 that matter . Oh boy, wetin human being go call this type of blessings. Congrats oh

  4. I love twins… But its just that few of those who want twins God gave dem their heart desire… My mum av 3set excluding me… I hope I av a set of twins…. I love d concept