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  1. The Obamas especially barack and michelle, are icons many people are looking up to. They have shown to be an example of Love to the world. So cool that the soon to be couple had to recreate photos to look like that of barack and his wife. Lovely pictures…. Nice

  2. Good one….good things ought to be admired,good people ought to be emulated….. But one thing is certain,dont try to be like them coz they equally have flaws.,,,, Lovely couple,create your own pace Happy married life in advance

  3. I don’t no when African start using black clothes for wedding. Africans hav a gud fabric u can use these days definitely not black. Becos, black in Africa represent sad an sorrow. U can not imitate them becos u don’t no why they decided to wear black on their wedding day. Be wise an do ur own things an stop imitating them.

  4. People are just recreating and recreating.Na wa oo.How can I recreate a childhood pic of me being breastfed by my mum?