There was breach of the peace at the Federal university of technology, Minna, Niger state after some students of the institution reportedly set ablaze the clinic on Bossom campus after a student died due to lack of the health centre.

The victim, simply identified as Yeye was a 300level student in chemistry Option collapsed on field during training, around 5:08pm, and was rushed to the school clinic for treatment, but the staffs at the clinic to refused to do anything on him until his school ID card be provided.

Nigeria Politics Online gathered that after some deliberation, the guy gave up the ghost. The students were pissed off accusing the doctor not giving him first aid.

A student source who also confirmed the story told our correspondent, the victim was part of the football for school team.

“After he played the friendly match… The school coach was about to start the discussion with them before he went down.

“They rushed him to school clinic… On getting there doctor confirmed he has peg out

“They rushed him to the general hospital maybe he can be alive because the students there said he was sweating,” he added

It was learnt that the aggrieved students square up and burnt down the clinic and the school bakery before the fire service could arrive.

They were said to have branched the school hostels, vandalizing hostels, glass windows, dining Hall, Photocopy Stand, Micro Finance Bank and cars.

Meanwhile, soldiers, Policemen were deployed in the school to restore peace but the school management is yet to make any official statement about the incident as at the time of filing this report.

  1. I don’t no why such cases always happen in naija is our country different the said will are giant of African but will keep up harming our self’s too bad will need to show example to other countries because will are giant of African, any way R I P to all who lose there lifes long live Nigerians long live the federation.

  2. i remember back then an high school, after paying N10k for hostel fee + medicals you will be given the same medicine for malaria as was given to a stomach upset patient,,, paracetamol!

  3. Last 2 months it was reported that a patient died in LUTHS simply because they could not find d keys to the oxygen room. why they no break the door to save life? Now person die because they busy requesting for his ID is the ID more important… Na only for Nigeria this kind thing dey happen..

  4. My word!,The students of this school got no chill ooh but make una chill because the hand wey una use destroy this building na im una go use re-build am ooh because the extra fine una go pay for this act of foolishness and stupidity will reflect in your school fees wether you are innocent or not;wether you are a finalist or a fresher;wether your mama na banker or your mama na cloth seller…All join una eyes go clear when dem management descend on una!!!..#Wehdon ooh

    • Oga!,violence was not the proper way to show their anger towards what happened at the clinic..

    • shut ur fucking mouth @oyedeji we ar talking abt life here yhu ar saying shit.I knw if the victim is ur friend or relatives yhu will do worst.

    • Oyedeji Toluwani Emmanuel is right . One way or the order they will pay for it. The best they could have done was to burn the entire school and shut it down.

    • To hell wit d payment.. U think if a mark was nt made to caution d staffs like dis, they will nt still neglect someone else to death nxt time?

    • Bro, you talk because is not your own that lost his life. That’s why you can open mouth and talk nonsense. We need to value everyone’s life in this country Nigeria. Before you talk, imagine you’re the niggar, or he’s your Bro. And you are talking of fucking structure that was built with his country money is now more important than his life.

  5. Firstly a gospel singer was given an expired medicine and now this…. na when naija go improve sef

  6. The nurse and doctor good oh, i d before attendin to sick patience, thats owful and an act of neglect. We are dyin in this country

  7. That’s nonsense, did the student fly in without being d student of that institution. Some medical personnel’s do not knw their job. (To save life for crying out loud)

  8. May the lord publishe both Nurse and Doctor on duty during this process the Creator of his mother will not let’s them rest. Rest In Peace Lekan

  9. May the lord publishe both Nurse and Doctor on duty during this process the Creator of his mother will not let’s them rest. Rest In Peace Lekan

  10. May the lord punish both Nurse and Doctor on duty during this process the Creator of his mother will not let’s them rest. Rest In Peace Lekan

  11. That’s right it’s time we Africans grow sense which one is mot important the boy’s life or the school I.d card rubbish