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  1. are u sure mama Chris brown didn’t play away match, make dem look in to the matter well oo

  2. Dey look alike chris brown don get anoda kid, let ask d mama maybe chris brown got a free kick unfortunately it was a goal

  3. God knows how to do somethings most times.. He just gave d baby the fathers image in case he denies

  4. They really look alike but if it’s chris brown’s son from another baby mama, then not again! Celebrities sef, I just dont get what is their gain in having baby mamas instead of a wife

  5. Look Alike though… I’m suspecting him to be either his younger or the result of a goal match with another lady… This guy eh

  6. truly them look alike, maybe na him son from another woman, you know dem say na only women knows d owner of dere baby

  7. You never can tell you know….these stars when they get drunk,they never remember where they poured their “akamu”