Valentine’s Day- You won’t believe what a woman did with another woman’s husband


Well, for the sake of appearance, some lady decided to go the extra mile…

She photoshopped her self into a married couple’s pics and had the gut to tag the husband. Well, his wife called her out and shared the photos.

On the left is the real photo …On the right is the Photoshopped photo ….
That’s sick though..

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  2. Many people hve gone far yesterday… But the truth is that the sweetness of yesterday has leave them with nothing but some burden

  3. Dos dat have gone far yeaterday with bike,cars,aeroplane and all means of transportation will treek back themself today we will be expecting dem at home

  4. Lol…. Some women’s husbands suffered yesterday in the hands of some ladies or even married women. They claim it’s part of valentine celebration….. The woman went so far as to doing that


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