Mrs Emmanuel Ukwamedua was kidnapped last Friday, 10th of February, 2017 at her residence at Asaba, Delta state. She is yet to be seen.

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  1. Lolz…..are u sure diz militants av not started again but make una check if d woman is from north cuz dats d only reason y dey will kidnap her

  2. In D.J Khaleed voice;”Another one!,Another one!!!…………………………Another kidnap story again?

  3. asaba is the most dangerous cool place in the east, de go even come your house relax and demand for food den com rob u.

  4. Lol….. Kidnapping don take new turn abi. Nowadays, they dey kidnap human beings at their residences, no more on the road or where the person went that day. Very soon, na for their place of work the kidnappers go con dey kidnap them

  5. At her residence for that matter…. What will human being call that type of kidnapping, House kidnapping or easy man kidnapping or wat? Is this one a new way of kidnapping ppl ne…. Lol