Former Enugu Rangers star, Henry Obiekwu, slumped and died while playing a friendly in Enugu Monday.

Eyewitnesses said right fullback, Henry, asked to be replaced during the friendly match with his youth team Samba FC at the UNEC Stadium in Enugu Monday morning after he complained of severe chest pain.

He later slumped and was rushed to several hospitals before he was confirmed dead at the Eastern Nigeria Medical Centre in Enugu. FC Taraba was Henry’s last club.

  1. I can see dah wicked woman from ur village but I pray DAT no weapon dah was projected against u will lose direction in Jesus name. U will not die young

  2. They should have let him rest and administered sublingual nitroglycerin at that point,it was a myocardial infarction that led to an unstable angina ..ignorance killed him,but I thought medical teams were supposed to be on the field