Tonto Dikeh’s ex-boyfriend, Malivelihood Buys Girlfriend $1.5m Mansion As Val Gift


The luxury designer after praying to succeed in a diamond deal weeks back so he can fulfil his wish of gifting his girlfriend, Adeola Smart a house for val, as now bought her one.

The mansion was unveiled today as a gift to her.

According to our source, the mansion has a cinema room, pool room, a sitting room, kitchen, outdoor swimming pool while the guest building has two rooms and a sitting room.

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  1. Tonto dikeh is currently suffering I wish I had such a loving girl friend Iike her I will make other girls get jealous of her. See this one go site down joor who you eepp.

  2. Wetin concern me…. But before you judge d guy put him in your shoe n before you judge d Lady make sure u re living as a landlord with your parent. Abi if she’s your sister u won die or remain as senior tenant. My brother God bless your hustle n my sister d house ll be cool for you n your family… If you’re my sis I ll say you’re d best n type of sis I ll always want

  3. Can’t this guy’s name be mentioned without the prefix “ex”, what is wrong with the headline, Malivehood purchased $1.5m mansion for his girlfriend

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  6. If you like buy mansion for her but don’t forget abt your mother. Make sure u buy heaven for her coz she made it possible

  7. Guys beware what you enter, cos you might never come out the same again…has he done same for his mother???something’s wrong some where, he didn’t do this his clear eyes walahi

  8. Wetin concern me with this. So u couldn’t have shared this news without mentioning who was his EX. make I dey go

  9. Head without sense!!! why buying such a house for just a gf? Anyway its cool but make sure God recognize u in his kingdom.

  10. Let me tell u, dis type of LOVE wil not last so if he like let him buy her a mansion of $3.8m on his own. dont worry EFCC wil soon visit him as dis country is like dis he is busy spending stupid money, ordinary girlfriend not even wife chaim unto him.


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