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  1. Weda na fake abi no be fake, na the same time and date wey ur original one carry the fake one too carry.. Paracetamol is now 300 don’t let another persons life give u headache.. Mind your business.. Good morning all.. Those that use to drag first to comment should come and kill me..

  2. My not mind your own business? I guess you’re jealous he didn’t patronized you…

  3. Whether fake or original, it still perform the same option. Me sef it don tey i stopped wearing watch, my phone is there to show me time

  4. In case you can’t open the link,he said “Fake or real,does it really matter when it is my hard-earned money?#Terry G or #Malivelihood,will not go 6 feet down with even a used condom.DANGBANA,2017 is not meant for issues men!Grown men don’t fight.End of quote But personally,I think that was an epic and mature reply from from Terry G.God bless him

  5. If you wear original,na your body,if you wear fake na for your body,don’t mind them they are haters.

  6. Whether expensive or fake, will it tell u the end of the world?….. Some people can’t just mind their business

  7. with just 1500 you make 6000 n less than 7days time……how just use diz link

  8. Na ur rolex, na ur fake, na ur wear, which one come be ur own for there na, ok tur ur talk sef na [email protected]

  9. Dah original sef does it take u to d future???? No be d same time all ov dem dey show. Some people will not mind their business

  10. Me self dey use my 2500 naira rolex wrist watch that my friend bought for me on my birthday, so watin come be also this rubbish this guy dey talk. ….