MTV Base VJ, Kola took to her Instagram to share a photo of her grandmother whom she said was pronounced dead.

She wrote;

“While I was at church today I got really devastating news. My great grandmother on my father’s side died this morning. She was believed to be between 105 to 115 years old. She had a long life, and although every moment of it may not have been the greatest, she never gave up hope. Hope in God, her family, and all that they could achieve. Ma ma, I love you so much and may your spirit rest in perfect peace.

#KOlaKronicles #AskAboutMe#melaninpopping #RIP #myheart#iwillalwaysloveyou #HappySunday Few minutes later, she gave an update saying her grandmother started coughing while they were preparing her body for burial.

She wrote;

OMg guys, I don’t know if this was a miracle or what, but as they were preparing my great grandmother for her burial today, she started coughing and woke up. Like I kid you not. She was pronoumced dead this morning around 8 or 9am, and now right before her burial this evening she pulled a Jesus on us, lol. This woman has always been a fighter and although she is well over 100 years old, she is still not ready to go and meet the good Lord. God thank you for granting us more time with her. Thank you all for your kind words. I’ll let her know. #KOlaKronicles#AskAboutMe #melaninpopping#neverlettinggo #tooyoungtodie#HappySunday #Godisgood

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  1. She was believed to be between 105 to 115 years old and you called it devastating? You wan mey she replace metuselah?

  2. Supposing Dangote had given u a donation of 100 million in this recession,would you be happy with ur grandma waking up at 115 years old??If you no bury am alive na small go remain.

  3. I’ve heard news like this b4. It’s possible for someone to come back to life even at a very old age

  4. This is so unusual… I have seen stuff like this… For her to die at a very old age and come back to life, that means she has a purpose to fulfil. She has an assignment to complete. Once that is done, you will see that she will die back… This type of news not new to me